The EBI Tuition Strategies

What does it take to become a triple A achieving student in times of ever-increasing grade boundaries? 

Is it an IQ of 100+? 

Is it a cheat sheet?

Do you need to be an expert in the subject at hand?

(The answer to all of the above is NO!)

Here at EBI we have researched and developed methods of teaching as well as revising that fits right in to the current academic climate and expectations of modern day exam boards. 

We are more than just someone to talk at you about things you should and shouldn’t be doing, we’re a team of professionals who are here to listen to what you need, what you’re struggling with, and what is is that you want from our service. With this we can provide you with the best helping hands to achieve your goals when it comes to exam season - just see our testimonials page. 

Some of the basic services you can expect when having a session with EBI are:

  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of complex exam questions and theories
  • Detailed mark scheme analysis made simple and memorable
  • Creating questions to fill the void between past papers and questions that are likely to come up in the real exams (whether that be GCSE or A-Level) 

For our students who are enrolled in the BTEC Information Technology course you can expect:

  • Distinction Star standard advice and walkthroughs of coursework including support in practical task such as creating, running and managing social media pages 
  • Support on the kind of wording and structure examiners look for in report style assignments

These are just some of the starting guidance tools offered by EBI and there is so much more where that came from.

For any information about our teaching and revision strategies, send us a DM on @ebi_tuition on Instagram and TikTok OR send us an email on 

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