1) ”How much does tuition cost?”

On average in the UK its £35/hour, at EBI it’s £10 less.

2) “Does private tuition guarantee long term success?”

With a tailored form of tutoring, and a real dedication to learn, there is no reason why private tuition shouldn’t allow you to gain long-term results. Many parents and students see tuition as a long-term investment and at EBI we teach in a way that ensures topics taught are done so in a way that is easy to remember. 

If, for example, you receive tutoring for your upcoming Business A-Level exam, you can use your personal tutoring to a massive advantage, and you will most likely come out with a much better grade than if you had no tutoring whatsoever. This is what allows all of our students to stand out and this is something we pride ourselves on.

3) “What are your ‘money saving plans’?”

At EBI we aim to provide the best service for the best price as we know that all students have different budgets so we have curated three different plans to allow sessions to be bought in batch in order to make the most out of them. The advantages of these plans are:

  1. Our tutors can prepare content that leads onto the next session in advance 
  2. Students can choose when they want all of their sessions, usually its one or two a week so there is an even spread
  3. You save money when you buy sessions in batches, for example, where 5 x One-Hour sessions would usually cost £125 if individually purchased, it would cost only £100 if purchased as ‘The Beginner Plan’ - this can also be split into 4 interest free payments of £25 with our partner ‘ClearPay’

4) “Which subjects do you offer tuition in?”

Here at EBI, the possibilities are endless. We offer services from 11+ all the way to graduation level content in Maths, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business, Economics, Information Technology with more coming soon as we expand our already extensive range of tutors. Along with that we offer a service to assist students with their personal statements for when applying to UCAS as well as a platform for students to have 1-to-1 meetings to discuss their wellbeing, stress-management and any other troubles they may be facing as mental health is the first pillar of ensuring success.

5) “Why is online tuition better than in-person tuition?”

One reason why online tuition is a growingly popular method of students taking tuition sessions is because you can access our world-class tutors from wherever you are - you could even be on your summer holiday getting in a quick refresher on your subjects to make sure your prepared for any tests lurking on your return to school. Another reason is that it allows a lot of cost saving from both tutors and potentially parents on things like extra resources and fuel to get from A to B. All in all, students are using the internet more and more as the years go by and so find it much more engaging to have live and interactive video calls rather than the traditional methods seen in the past. 

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