How to purchase our services via our website

How to book your first session with EBI Tuition in 3 simple steps:


  • Head over to the ‘Catalogue’ section on our website and have a look at ‘Individual Plans’ section and select which one of our amazing value session lengths you would like to select (1 Hour, 1 Hour and a Half, 2 Hours).


  • Once you have selected the length you can then click on the ‘Schedule Your Time’ button where you will be able to select the time and date in which you want your session to take place.


  • Once you have done this you can either continue browsing what other great value deals we have for you or you can head to the checkout where you can pay using almost any payment method of your choice! After that comes the easy part - loving every minute of your EBI session knowing that you are doing all that you can to ensure the best for your or your child’s future.


How to purchase your first ‘Money Saving Package’:


  • Head over to the ‘Catalogue’ section on our website and have a look at our range of plans from Beginner to Booster to Path to Pass.


  • Once you have determined which one of these jaw-dropping, value for money plans you would like to continue with you can add it to your cart and head over to the checkout.


  • We understand that some students and parents may want to embark on our Path to Pass plan which is the slightly more expensive option but the highest value for money so we have made it as accessible as possible to our valued customers with lower budgets and you can now pay in 4 INTEREST FREE INSTALMENTS using our partner application ‘ShopPay’.


  • After you have purchased the plan you then need to send us either en email, direct message on Instagram, or we will give you a call using the phone number you inputted when checking out to discuss the timetabling of your sessions along with the subject and anything your struggling on in particular so that we can then schedule lessons in advance.


At the time of writing this article we currently have a week-long Black Friday deal site wide so discover what fantastic deals we can offer you today! 

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